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Botanicals and Impressionist Paintings    Florida  |  New York

Secret World of Botanicals gallery
look very closely... you'll see

Renowned artist Natalie Levine is traveling down a new path in her artistry and taking you with her. Natalie's Secret World of Botanicals series is a charming new genre that captures and embraces your imagination through new and enticing elements of mixed media that draw you into collages of fantasy, color and texture.

Now, in addition to the tranquil, impressionistic landscape paintings she is so well known and respected for, Natalie is excited to share her new Secret World of Botanicals series created to engage the viewer in a journey of enchantment, discovery and whimsy.

No matter your artistic preference, we invite you to browse through both of these exquisite collections and experience a momentary respite in an enchanting place of beauty and peace. There you may even discover the perfect work of art for your personal collection.